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Welcome to ZipX Aruba

ZipX Delivers

Welcome to the wonderful world of ZipX, where shopping the globe has never been made easier. In conjunction with IBC's head office in the U.S., ZipX Aruba provides you with foreign shipping addresses and ensures comprehensive shipping, handling and customs clearance service for your packages and mail from the United States and Europe. ZipX uses a variety of commercial airlines to Aruba, and operates Monday through Friday fifty-two weeks a year.

ZipX Package Services

Once you become a member of ZipX, you will be provided with documentation detailing your foreign shipping address in the United States. Then when ordering from a catalog, shopping on the Internet, subscribing to magazines and newspapers, or purchasing from your overseas vendors, simply give your U.S. address to your supplier as your "ship to" address, complete with your name and department number. ZipX will do the rest. It's easy!

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